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What is AIWT all about?

AIWT Experience


Business Courses

Certificate III Business Administration
Certificate IV Frontline Management
Diploma of Management
Certificate IV Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Work Health and Safety


School Based Traineeships

Certificate II Community Services (Child care)
Certificate II Business

Training WA


Training and Assessing

Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Diploma of Training Design and Development
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

About Us

AIWT is a West Australian Family Owned Registered Training Organisation based in Malaga for over 10 years.

At AIWT, we offer a range of Nationally Recognised courses via class based delivery, blended delivery and online delivery.

We cater for existing workers, adults who wish to return to the workforce or improve their skill sets as well as International students.

Our Malaga Campus is both the Head Office and International Campus for workplace training in perth.

  • Vision Statement

    To be a leading entity to provide training, knowledge and consulting services all over the world in the fields of self-development and human resources development for individuals and business societies.

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to promote the value of learning, self worth among students and staff, quality performance among students and staff, and transition for students to productive and responsible participation in society.

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    Values Statement

    Integrity, Behave, Justice, Respect, Explore, Solve, Listen and Commitment.


Workplace Based Traineeships

Should be employed for less than 3 months full time
or 12 months to be eligible

Certificate III Business Administration
Certificate IV Frontline Management
Diploma of Management
Certificate IV Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Training WA - Training Program

Early Childhood Education and Care

Certificate II in Community Services
Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Australia Qualifications

Conflict Management

Managing conflict can be a very frustrating task. For parents, teachers, students and managers, resolving some sort of conflict is something we all have to face at some point or the other. Many of us will usually try to avoid conflict altogether, carefully skirting the issue or just giving in. Conversely, some of us might [...]


Team Effectiveness in Business

Five ways to maximize team effectiveness in business Team development is inevitable in today business environment.  The word “team” is defined as two or more people coming together as a group to achieve a common goal. A team is formed when there is a common goal to achieve by team members. In the business world, [...]


Communication + WHS = Compliance

Organisations rely on employees to assist with the compliance of relevant WHS legislation in often challenging environments, and it’s not any easier in the current economic climate. However, are we doing enough to create environments conducive to information sharing to achieve the same objectives? In order to answer this, we need to investigate current communication [...]


How Traineeships Can Benefit You

I receive many phone calls asking me about traineeships within Children’s Services, how they work and what it all means.  Traineeships basically combine practical experience at work with structured training. Unlike apprenticeships which are generally focused on traditional technical trades like bricklaying or cabinet making, traineeships are usually centered on non-trade business areas such as [...]


To Franchise or Not To Franchise

When someone decides to buy a franchise, they are basically buying the years of expertise and successful methods of this type of business system built up over time. Whether it is a food outlet like Hungry Jacks, an optical shop like Specsavers, or even cleaners like Housework Heroes or Maid2Clean, you’ve now made the transition into being…..”THE FRANCHISEE”.

What others say about us


It has been a great experience studying at AIWT, the staff are very helpful and the trainer has a good knowledge about the material. Overall, I found that AIWT is the best place in Australia to gain my knowledge & skills.


The good thing about AIWT is that all staff are very friendly and they willing to help you out!

SABINNE BARQUETT de AlbuquerqueTAE StudentMedia Wiki

AIWT is a great college because you get to meet new friends from different cultural background. The staff are all nice and friendly. The trainer is helpful and patient, it makes the course enjoyable. I now have the confidence to pursue my ambition and run my own child care centre.

LYDIA SENDIE CHUATChildren’s Services studentMax Mobilcom

My experience at AIWT has been outstanding. I have enjoyed the learning experience that they provide and all of the staff are so welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend that if you are considering studying to come to AIWT to complete your qualification.

JASMINE LOWEChildren’s Services StudentDoom Inc

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